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All the music you desire finally available in one location

Thanks to constant fidelity to its mission, which is to find, develop, produce and give space to the most interesting and artistic forms of musical expression, Bideri established rich catalogs (about 12,000 songs) which include all kinds of musical expression for television, cinema, commercials, soundtracks, documentaries, jingles, websites, corporate films, promotional, institutional.

In Bideri catalog is the best of traditional Neapolitan music, the songs "emblem" Zecchino d'Oro, soundtracks, the new Italian pop, ethnic influences, the new classical, classical, Cuban, dance, smooth dance hall , instrumental, variety and more.

  • We offer our music catalog easily available for synchronization in movies, TV shows & advertising campaigns
  • We evaluate requests for new arrangements and adaptations of our compositions
  • In general we answer questions concerning the use of all our musical works from interested parties, such as:
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Motion Pictures Producers
    • Theatrical Producers
    • TV Producers
    • Bands
    • Orchestras
    • Record Producers & Companies
    • Publishers
    • Anyone who requests it

All the music you desire finally available in one location.
Classical, Soundtracks, Cuban music, Dance, Liscio Balera, Neapolitan music, Instrumntals, Variety tunes, Zecchino D'oro.

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