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About Us

Bideri publishing house was founded in 1807. In 1959 it became an S.p.A., still under the founding family's ownership. Within the Bideri society there are several publishing houses covering a variety of musical styles.

The company can claim a rich catalogue of the majority of the most famous Neapolitan songs such as 'O marinariello, Torna a Surriento, 'O Surdato nnammurato, Voce 'e notte, 'I te vurria vasà and many other classical evergreens such as Signorinella, Come Pioveva, La Spagnola as well as large collections of sound tracks, classical music by critically acclaimed composers such as Vieri Tosatti e Sergio Rendine, successful children's songs from the show "Zecchino d'oro", included on the album of the same name; for example, La Zanzara, La giacca rotta, Il torero Camomillo, Popoff, etc. And finally cuban music such as Hasta Siempre, Rico Vacilon, Bacalaocow Pan and dance and italian pop music by Lara Martelli, Zero Assoluto, etc.

Over the years, in collaboration with other societies Bideri has published a variety of literary and musical works and has worked with a number of important authors who have written on the history of the culture of music and theatre in Italy and in other parts of the world.

Worthy of special notice are the poetry of Ferdinando Russo and Salvatore di Giacomo as well as the works of Dannunzio, including the first editions of l'Innocente and albums by Aurelio Fierro, Giacomo Rondinella, Aldo Giuffrè, Mario Merola, Mirna Doris, Nino Taranto, Oreste Lionello, Angela Luce and many others.